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Laptop / Notebook Data Recovery

In fact laptops in simpler terms are desktop computer squeezed into a small briefcase and also known as miniaturized version of desktop PC. They are optimized for mobile use and efficient power consumption. Laptops have become popular device for personal or business computing and their usage is growing at a rapid rate because of their portability, which happens to be their main advantage, however laptops are subjected to a lot of various conditions and abuse.

The most important component of a laptop is hard drive which keeps all the data and operating system files. The tough conditions that laptops must function under make hard drives more vulnerable to crashes and data loss when compared to desktops. The laptops are mostly used for business and highly critical information computing which means that consequences of data loss on laptops are more devastating when compared to desktops

The data recovery processes for laptops drive is quite similar to the ones used to desktops hard disk drives. When a laptop fails it’s mostly due to the failure of hard drive, so utmost care should be taken in order to remove the drive from laptop. It is very important to get the drive removed from a highly skilled person. Please call Disk Doctors at 0800 043 6611 to discuss any issues removing the drive.

Disk Doctors data recovery labs technicians and engineers are a highly skilled team of trained and experienced in the latest state-of-the-art data in-house recovery techniques with years of successful recoveries experience behind them which is lacking with most of the data recovery company. We have our own Research and Development team for developing new ideas, software and applications and tools to get your 100% data back as fast as possible.

Expert tips!!!

  1. Do not do a format or create new partition.
  2. Never try to reinstall the operating system or run any automated restore wizard in the laptop as it may overwrite your data.
  3. Switch off the drive immediately when you hear strange sounds from the drive
  4. Do not do multiple boots
  5. Do not try to shake the drive or laptop as it may cause further damage
  6. Do not attempt to reconnect the drive with other computers.
  7. Always seek Professional help, call Disk Doctors at 0800 043 6611

Supported Data Loss Situations Service Options

  • Laptop Hard Drive Failures
  • Clicking Sound
  • Mishandling of the Laptop due to shock or dropping
  • Virus Attacks
  • Human Errors comprising accidental deletion of data
  • Lost or Missing partitions
  • Unable to mount or execute data
  • Corrupt data
  • Natural Disasters
  • Platter contamination and damages
  • Blue Screen Of Death

Supported Brands Service Options

  • Dell
  • Apple / Mac / iBook
  • Compaq / HP
  • IBM / Lenevo
  • Toshiba
  • Acer
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Sharp
  • Others: Alienware, Asus, AST, Fujitsu, LG, NEC, custom made & All Tablet PCs

Data Protection & Confidentiality

Disk Doctors guarantees protection of your data throughout the data recovery process, from evaluation to handing data back to the client.

  1. Disk Doctor Employees are selected through a rigorous process of selection and follow our strict rules and procedures for handling the client data.
  2. Client media is cloned sector by sector onto our own lab media and all the data recovery work is carried out on the cloned media not the original media; this ensures that client’s storage media is always intact.
  3. Upon successful recovery Disk Doctors by default keeps a copy of the data for 7days before it gets deleted automatically from our Lab Server. This helps in providing the copy of data again if some thing goes wrong during the transfer of data to client e.g. the data media gets damage or goes missing during the postal process.
  4. Our agreement to recover the data includes the clause for protection and non disclosure of data as per legal rules and regulations. If you require separate agreement for data protection and non disclosure, we are happy to sign the agreement.

To recover your loss data we follow a standardized data recovery process in all our data recovery labs across the globe. Call us at 0800 043 6611 to consult your case or submit your case for free evaluation with No Recovery, No Charge guarantee.

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Customer Reviews

Very good. Explained the process well and responded to my questions timely and accurately, Quick and thorough service. Overall – Excellent! Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks!
J.T. Gaebe

Excellent Service, Quick, Efficient with exactly the results we wanted and expected.
Thanks You.
Paul King
IT Manager
The Bridgeman Art Library Ltd

I was very happy with the service and professionalism I encountered when dealing with your company. The options available, the quick turnaround & correspondence updating me with the progress of my call were all above my expectations and I have already recommended your service to colleagues.

While I hope I don’t need such help in the future – any HDD issues I can’t fix will be coming your way.
Many thanks,

Chris Scanes
IT Support Specialist (ITC)
The service we received on the above repair was professional, on time and were kept up to date on the status of the job.

Optima Medical
The service provided was very good, and I received the recovered data ahead of schedule which was great.

Thank you!
I found the service prompt and efficient. The people I spoke to were friendly and helpful Kind regards
Wonderful service, fast, efficient and most important they fulfilled their promise.
Hope that helps
Paul Cornwell
You service was good – obviously an efficient e-mail run system is in place. One criticism though I took the trouble to point out the specific area where the PST files needing recovery were to be found but this was ignored and the wrong files recovered. it was only when I insisted that they were where I said they were that you did indeed find and recover them. As you pointed out at the start we had used another recovery company first who had failed to restore the files we wanted and on further inquiry insisted it was not possible to do so – so hats of to Disk Doctor. We will use you again if we need to.
I was hugely happy with the work you managed to save from my hard drive. I have lost quite a few photos but that is NOTHING when I consider you got all of my work files back to me safely - that is truely the MOST important thing.
I found Shakeel very helpful and lovely And I was so pleased you adjusted the price. I was desperate from my information to be found but I had little chance of paying the first quoted fee.
I thank you and would highlyu recommend your service to anyone else.
All the best

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